Put a Stop to Your Drainage Problems

Put a Stop to Your Drainage Problems

RICKS DIRT WORKZ offers drainage services in Shawnee, OK

Water damage and flooding are serious issues, so you need an effective drainage solution for your property. RICKS DIRT WORKZ in Shawnee, OK can take care of your drainage problems. Our owner has solved drainage problems for residential and commercial property owners for decades.

Speak to an expert today to solve your drainage problem.

Our 3-step drainage solution process

If you have a drainage issue on your property, you'll want an expert who can resolve the problem efficiently. When you call us for drainage services, we'll:

  1. Identify your water problems
  2. Handle all necessary dirt removal
  3. Build a spillway to direct water away from your property

Our professional will determine the right drainage solution for your property and execute it quickly. With our responsive service, your drainage problems will quickly become a thing of the past. Call 405-409-9544 now to schedule your drainage services.