Don't Let Weeds Take Over Your Property

Don't Let Weeds Take Over Your Property

Let a brush hogging pro clean up your Shawnee, OK property

Before you can start your residential or commercial construction project, you'll need a clear lot to work with. RICKS DIRT WORKZ in Shawnee, OK can tackle your brush hogging. We'll prevent weeds from overtaking your property and make sure your land looks great. Our experienced operator can even handle jobs like small tree removal and hauling.

If you need an expert to clear your vacant, empty lot, contact us now.

Why you need professional brush hogging services

Brush hogging clears away all the debris and underbrush that a lawnmower just can't handle. As part of your brush hogging services, we'll:

  • Remove small trees
  • Get rid of any debris
  • Clear weeds and underbrush

We also provide hauling services, so you won't have to worry about getting rid of the accumulated debris. Reach out to us today to schedule your brush hogging services.